Free Entry


For those who attended the meeting held 25th March 2017

at the Bairnsdale Speedway complex

which was cancelled due to a generator failure, please present your entry ticket at one of the following meetings for free entry:

Easter Saturday 15th April
Saturday 25th November 2017
​Tuesday 26th December 2017

Saturday 13th January 2018

Bairnsdale Speedway Association

Next Meeting

​Saturday 25th November 2017
6pm Start
VSC Sprintcars
Limited Sportsman
​Div 2 Hotrods Rd 1
Standard Saloons - Bairnsdale 400
​VSC Juniors​

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 The Story of Bairnsdale Speedway Association Inc.

 Bairnsdale Speedway Association, a volunteer-run community organisation, began about 40 years ago and started racing at Granite Rock Speedway, on the northern outskirts of Bairnsdale. This is still its home. The club began with daylight race meetings, progressing to night racing. Currently we plan, seven night race meetings per season, from November to April.